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Contemporary Guitar Improvisation Master Guitar Improv Master Class

$12.00 USD

The original version of Contemporary Guitar Improvisation came with a cassette tape of Recorded Examples that correlated with the lessons in the book. It was fine for its time because people were accustomed to rewinding and fast-forwarding cassette tapes until they found the spot they were looking for. We’ve come a long way since then…

The latest version of the Recorded Examples from the book is an audio CD that is searchable with descriptive text in iTunes. This allows you to easily and quickly access the audio portions of each lesson. These are the original 1978 recordings that have been transferred from an original cassette tape to a searchable CD format for ease of use. Accessing the CD in iTunes will provide the most complete search features with descriptive text that correlates with the lessons in the book. The CD will play just fine on any computer or CD player, but the descriptive text is currently only available in iTunes. Formats other than iTunes will show track numbers, but no descriptive text.

If you have an older copy of Contemporary Guitar Improvisation, and your Recorded Examples cassette tape is either worn out or lost, the Contemporary Guitar Improvisation – Recorded Examples Replacement CD is just what you need to get the entire “play-along” experience that the book-and-CD combination provide.