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Contemporary Guitar Improvisation Master Guitar Improv Master Class

$45.00 USD

This tried and tested method is based on five simple fingering patterns that form the foundation of the system. With just the five patterns, the fingerboard completely opens up in a simple, logical way that eliminates the typical barriers we’ve all faced at one time or another. The guitar is unique among musical instruments because guitarists can change keys by simply changing positions. Almost everything we play is moveable (up or down), without having to change fingerings. That applies to chords too! Contemporary Guitar Improvisation takes full advantage of those unique properties of the instrument.

Contemporary Guitar Improvisation will teach you:

  • How to improvise across the entire fingerboard on any single chord
  • How to improvise in one position over multiple chord changes and keys
  • Chords with fingerings and voicings that you understand and can modify
  • How to accurately (and creatively) interpret chord symbols
  • How to substitute chords
  • How to use pentatonic and blues scales over ANY types of chords
  • How to apply the 5 patterns to sightreading
  • How to analyze songs so you play the right patterns
  • Chromatic connections
  • Much more